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5th Worcester District



60 percent of our single seniors over the age of 65 can't afford food, housing, heat, and medicine - they often have to choose which to cut.  There ARE many systems in place - but we need to ensure that citizens who've worked hard their whole lives aren't invisible. The MATTER and are a priority in our district.

opioid crisis

Massachusetts has made positive steps to help staunch the devastating impact of opioid. But there's much more to do. MA is currently ranked 4th nationwide in deaths per 100k (behind WV, OH, and NH). Citizens across the state can make a difference by continuing to make this a priority. Opioid addition affects everybody as this short film by the candidate's son underscores. 

school funding

Rural districts like ours are left behind by the way the state allocates funding and priorities. From transportation costs and the impact of charter schools being built on the backs of our  public schools, our district schools are at risk. Schools - and school safety - are a priority for us all..

fifth worcester district


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